xtra  The OSControl Xtra by PiMZ

The OSControl Xtra is not compatible with version 11 or higher of Director. The amount of work required to make the xtra Unicode-compliant is too great compared with the expected return on investment. We are really sorry for this. We still offer support for customers that use the xtra in previous versions of Director.

The OSControl Xtra allows you to create professional user interfaces using Macromedia Director by providing a range of sophisticated user interface controls (also called "widgets").

OSControl uses the operating system to draw the interface objects using system settings for fonts and colour schemes so that your user interface always looks right on both Macintosh and Windows.

OSControl user interface components include buttons, radio buttons, check boxes, menus, popup menus (or dropdown list-boxes), sliders, progress bars, multi-line static text fields, spin and tab controls.

Verdict from the Director user community:

"If you have any extra cash in your software budget I would definitely buy this gem."
Chuck Neal (review published on MediaMacros website)

"I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it!!!!!! :-))))"

"I'm pleasantly surprised to see all the controls having a totally new XP look on Win XP while keeping their old Win look on 98. It's really nice and impressive."
Emmanuel Beuque

"If you're into application development and interface design I suggest taking a test drive of this Xtra. It's really small and supports the existing widgets for Mac and Windows environments! It's the perfect addition to any Lingo Programmers set of tools."
Stuart Gerstein